Aloha, Hawaii

Once landing on her skin, I am shocked by her beauty. I have to admit that, it is a crash that I fall in love with her at first sight. I love her, much more than like her. It is definitely love. She is a magnet that my eyes couldn’t leave her. She kissed me so sweetly that I couldn’t help complimenting her. She was so attractive that I couldn’t get rid of her. She is such a miracle and she is the brightest pearl in the Pacific Ocean. She is Hawaii.

Aloha, Hawaii! Hawaii, Aloha!

Aloha, ­is the local language of Hawaiian aborigines, which means hi, welcome, I love you or any compliments. When you say it longer and deeper, it represents much more bless. Alooooooohaaaa…, Hawaii! It is also a boy’s name.

The sunshine in the blue sky is really lovely here. When you smell the moist air, it is fragrant, warm and smiling; even nifty whispering would go around you with the wind. No melancholy or sadness could gather here. Once they come, the soft cloud, slight wind or even the beautiful sunshine would whip them off. The rain is always elegant, leaving behind the most gorgeous rainbow in Hawaii’s sky.

The sea is deep, blue and clear. On the romantic beach, sands are soft and exquisite. Canoes, kayaks, surfboards are running so happily over the water. Under the beach umbrellas, pretties and handsomes are everywhere. Ladies are in their hottest bikinis, sitting or lying, waiting for their romantic stories. Just pay more attention! Look, the girl walking ahead may be just the top model in France. And the one sitting beside you, is she the big movie star in Hollywood’s latest movie? The beach is for the whole world. People in different colors come here, happily getting together. It seems that people coming here have the special same purpose—I would never go back until I am burnt black.

There are so many bays here for fishing. You could get great harvest under the constructions of the local fishers or tutors. If you are good at fishing or even an expert, you have to go to Kona, which is a paradise for fishing. Try to get fish as large as you can. The International Game Fish Association will give you a certification if your fish is qualified large. And it should be your best trophy from Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. The sands are covered with golden sunshine, on which coconut trees and palm trees are queuing into the deep sea. Tourists are competing over the water. It is now the well known beach playground for the whole world.

Hanauma Bay is the most attractive place. Chinese people called it dinosaur bay because of its topography. I not only see its dinosaur outline, but also deeply feel its tender inside. The water seems so colorful with rippling waves. When the sun sets, the golden shine turns the bay to be splendid. It is ingenious and charming. Just like the most magnificent masterpiece standing in the water. It is not only the paradise for diving, but also the place for the fairies to play. Shipping on the Pacific Ocean, seeing the majestic Miss Volcano from far away, appreciating this beautiful sunset, it is royally romantic. Till night time, still in this love ship on the gentle wave, with the fragrance of jasmine, we are having sweet dreams.

Hawaii was bornt for golf. It has witnessed many world-famous golf players struggling to be success here. There are more than eighty golf courses in Hawaii. If you are a billionaire, I suggest you try each course everyday. And then you could play golf for more than two months before you could try them all.

Hawaii is the hometown of hula-hula. In the twilight or under the moon, in the grass or under the coconuts, everywhere and every time, the charming Polynesian women are dancing accompanied to Hawaiian music and wonderful songs. They are in golden hula skirt, with flower wreath above hair or around neck. Yes, they are the beautiful Polynesian women. Accompanying to the drum, their hips all go up with enchanting glances and the hula-skirts sound hula hula. What a fascinating and lingering moment! It should be the last part I can manage for this dance. Cool and charming Polynesian women!

Hawaii is a shopping paradise. You can buy anything you could think of —- flowers and fruit, silk and leather, surfboards and guitars, essential oil and candles, wine and coffee beans. Of course, also the colorful Hawaiian aloha shirts. You can go to the antique’s to dig your babies, or go to the LV shops to buy your luxury goods. Or even pick the little things in the stands, but don’t forget your Aloha if you want to bargain. Rosaries from Tibet, jades from Burma, crystals from Swarovski, incense from Indian are sold in Hawaii. You can buy any souvenirs that come from different countries just in Hawaii as it is not only a magical kaleidoscope, but also a multi-cultured melting pot.

This melting pot also gives us very breathtaking cuisines. Hawaiian cooks combine the good from exotic food from Italy, France, Brazil, India, Chinese, Japan, and Korea…  and distinguish its own by its typical vegetable, fruit and tropical fish, to born a unique Hawaiian cooking. Seeing from the figures of the inhabitants, even the figures of young ladies, I dare say that, the Hawaiian dishes should be really delicious. Oh, you two guys, you are not Hawaiian, could you pls stop eating? You are too much overweight to be Chinese!

Our next stop is Macau!


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