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What is a Dictionary?

Dictionary can help us to know what the meaning of those we don’t know words, it is very useful study tool and a reference book. A dictionary contains the most majority used words that we often use in our daily life. When somebody to learn language as a second language, when we meet some words  Full Article…

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What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

In daily society,we often can hear some one say he gets a Bachelor’s degree, but what is the meaning of a Bachelor’s Degree? Bachelor’s degree means an undergraduate academic degree. But in other countries bachelor’s degree has a different name, such as in Japan it’s called gakushi. And the meaning is also different from other countries  Full Article…

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How to Exam Children?

It can be fun to exam children. By telling their child or children not to worry , most parents try to let their child or children feel relaxed. Generally speaking, it is useful and significant to know details of the child’s size. Length or height and weight should be measured carefully. Firstly, the children’s awareness  Full Article…

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