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What causes inflation?

Inflation is the price of goods which are  increasing for a long time. If it happens, it can be  caused by many reason: It can happen if government prints too much money. Increasing of the material cost. International lending and national debts.

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What are Shares and are they a Good Investment?

There can be a lot of misunderstandings surrounding company shares. Most people feel comfortable talking about ‘shares’ but many will do so without having spent any time considering what these actually are. There are plenty of movies and TV shows that have had storylines where people have made or lost their fortunes because of shares;  Full Article…

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Investing: Every little makes a miracle.

Before understanding the investment market you should know yourself, just like own characteristic, the superiority and inferiority. Meanwhile special on controlling your weakness to prevent make the mistakes. Then measured the type of the fund management and the structure and the preferences of the investors precisely, thus can take the optimal strategy rational. A fixed-income  Full Article…


5 Principles of Investing

Along with the expansion of the fund size, the key of the fund management should be transferred to the portfolio management which must be digesting the entire portfolio. Investment is not mysterious, everyone can be the specialist of investment only if they act according to the following points: Only invest the industry you familiar with  Full Article…