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Cloud economics outweigh fear of losing control

Companies today are clearly primed for wider adoption of cloud services. Whether it be private or public, all indicators show that companies face a choice of either leverage cloud to their advantage or be left behind by more agile and flexible competitors. According to Gartner’s annual predictions, by 2015, 35% of enterprise IT expenditure for  Full Article…


Security fears no barrier to cloud

It’s no surprise that security continues to top the list of concerns when considering cloud adoption, but what’s also interesting is that in a recent KPMG “Clarity in the Cloud” study is that finding a business case for cloud computing is way down the list of concerns. And with any technology, where there is a  Full Article…

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What is Email?

Email can receive and accept letter in internet through protocol.Email acts important role in our life. In past if we want to communicate with someone who is far away from us, and we will write letter for them, but today we have internet so we can write Email to our friends.

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What is Electrocardiogram?

Located on the skin over the heart, a pair of surface electrodes will record a repeating pattern pattern of electrical changes. The voltage measured between these 2 electrodes will change as action potentials spread via the conduction system from the atria to the ventricles. A “picture” of the electrical activity of the heart is offered  Full Article…

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