Complications and Treatment of Meningitis


Convulsions may accompanied with meningitis. It needs cure with anticonvulsant medicines. Inappropriate antidiuretic hormone can result in hyponatraemia, which may be avoided by oral fluids and careful restriction of intravenous. On the other hand, inappropriate antidiuretic hormone release frequent accompanies intracranial matters.

Although most of subdural effusions are useless and small, they are possibly common. An enlarging bulging fontanelle and head atmosphere show a bigger accumulation on occasion. This might be visualized transilluminating  the skull, CT scanning or ultrasound. Because of inflammatory obstruction of the CSF pathways, a quick increasing head circumference might be a result of hydrocephalus.

Those surviving meningitis of all children, nearly ten per cent of them are accompanied with these long-term neurological abnormality as follows:

  • convulsions
  • spasticity
  • mental handicap
  • deadness
  • other learning matters

The possibility of a congenital mid-line sinus is increased by meningitis at present. On the other hand, an immune deficiency should be thought as well.


It is suitable for children more than three months intravenous treatment with a third generation cephalosporin, for instance, cefotaxime 200 mg/kg per day. It does not stop except the microorganism and its antibiotic sensitivities have been recognised. Although haemophilus influenzae needs this dosage to be remained for more than ten days, it is normally sensitive to cefotaxime.

With menigococcal infections, children often are liable to develop septicaemic shock. On the other hand, those children have a widespread purpuric rash. In a febrile child, purpura child indicates menigococcal septicaemia and must be thought to be dangerously. Then treatment onset as soon as quickly.

Moreover, prophylactic treatment with rifampicin to eradicate nasopharyngeal carriage and decrease the risk of contact cases is needed for the index case. Among those examples of H. influenzae meningitis where there is a child less than three years old in the household.



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