How Can I Speed Hair Growth?

Hair  is made of Keratin mainly, if you want to speed your hair, first you must keep your hair get enough nutrition, you can eat some food that are good for your hair. However, maybe you say you want your hair grows more quickly, it is impossible and every month it can’t surpass the rate of one inch (2.5 centimeters), although you can’ t make it grows more quickly like what you expect, you can make it grows stronger, healthier and shiny through eating balanced diet.or supplementing some nurtrition for your hair.

In normal conditions, the rate of hair can’t grow quickly than 6 inches in one year, so you can’t expect too much for it, you must take out your patience to wait you becautiful hair growing. When the hair grows, it will push out from follicle, in fact our hair often located in there,  when hair grows we called this period  anagen phase, most of our hair are growing on that time, the next period we called it catagen phase, some of hair will die and dispatch, so that’s why our hair sometimes will appear dispatch atmosphere. then it moves into the  third period of hair is telogen phase.The hair that grows in different place on your head will grows in different time.

You must take stepsto reduce split ends, because if your hair appear split ends your hair will grows slowly. If  we want our hair more healthy and beautiful we must take care of them and we should wash them in lukewarm water, and then use cool water to close the follicle, it will good for our hair.Never use excess styling products and you can’t use electricity, like hair drying. It will make your hair become dry day after day.One most important things that we must care our hair well, then our hair will become more beautiful and healthier. If you can feed enough protein for it, your expectation can achieve easily.


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