How do I Become a Police Officer?

I like man with police clothes and i admire police when i was a child,  i like woman police especially. But when we grow up and we know it is not an easy dream to realize, so many people like me will give up this wonderful dream.

If you really want to be a police officer and you had to do many step to realize your dream. First you must have enough knowledge through education, the basic education is high school education. For safe you had better get an Associates or Bachelors degree. Criminal justice programs are provided in many colleges. You can learn some knowledge about how to be a police office and you can learn some basic things. If you want to be a real police officer, you had better take the education in human behavior,computer systems and other subjects. Most important you must be acknowledgeable and brave enough.

After you applicate the form, if you are lucky enough and you will have a chance to be a police officer, the first things you must do is to do many sports every day, except that you must participate all kinds of sports, if you can insist on doing sport and you are closer to be a good police officer.

After a long time preparation and you will have to take a exam for the civil service exam and physical exam which will test agility,strength, vision, hearing and other aspect. After passing these step and you will continue to be test taking drug and lie detector, if you passed successfully and you will begin some reviews in police department. If you success at these test and you will be train for a long time. At last you will be a great police officer.

If you want to be a police officer, you had better take all kinds of sports to train your body and your mind on purpose. It will help you to realize your dream. If you like exercising and it is possible to achieve your police officer dream.


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