How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss may be considered as a normal phenomenon that most people ignore. However, you should get alarmed if you are losing more than 50 strands of hairs a day. It’s a sign warning you that there is something wrong in your body which causes your hair to shed. Well, luckily you can take many safe and simple measurements to prevent hair loss.

Food therapy is one of the most important things one can do to prevent hair loss since there are many kinds of helpful food to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Foods that are high in protein and low in fats are the top choice, for example, fish, chicken and eggs. Red meats like pork and beef should not be considered as they are high in fat and too much fat is a reason for hair loss.

Seafood is also a nice choice. They contain not only the protein you need but also minerals like zinc, iron which will help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Additionally, beans, milk and tofu should be added in your diet. Vitamins they contain play an important role in the health of your hair. Hairstyles contribute to hair loss, too.

Ponytails and cornrows should be avoided. These styles pull on the scalp too tightly that the hair follicles can be damaged in this way and the scalp will be hurt as it cannot get a break. These hairstyles are fine to wear sometimes, but if you want to prevent long-term damage, give your scalp a long and relaxed vacation.

What’s more, chemicals used in perming or coloring should be kept to a minimum. Do not ignore the little details that may also bring changes. It’s a smart idea to change your shampoo, especially women. Olive oil can offer nutrition to your hair if you apply warm olive oil on the hair for a while every time before you washing it.

There are many other factors that will cause hair loss. Stress, medications, hormone changes and illness are all potential factors. If nothing changes after you apply all these simple measures, you may need to talk to a doctor about your situation. Your doctor can help finding what’s wrong with your body and suggest adequate treatment for the special situation.


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