Investing: Every little makes a miracle.

Before understanding the investment market you should know yourself, just like own characteristic, the superiority and inferiority. Meanwhile special on controlling your weakness to prevent make the mistakes. Then measured the type of the fund management and the structure and the preferences of the investors precisely, thus can take the optimal strategy rational.

A fixed-income investment needs strict economy. Every little makes a miracle. The fixed-income investment is kind of the low risk and low returns investment. It tries to get the low volatility; long term and stable investment return. But the risk forever exists, so the fixed income investment is more strictly for the risk control. It must be alert all times to control all kinds of risk, such as interest risk, credit risk, liquidity risk even the trade risk.

A fixed income investment also needs more actively management. The market is dynamic, combine is dynamic too. The fixed income investment doesn’t mean take the bond till the end of it. You need balance the risks and returns of the combine and optimize the combine without delay when combine the economics and currency policy to judge the attack and defense time.



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