Obesity and its treatment for your child or kid

Obesity is a common health problem.

Fat parents tend to have fat children for there is a genetic component in the aetiology. Fat children tend to but not invariably become fat adults. Fat people die on average at a younger age than thin people. In particular, fat adults are more likely to develop diabetes and hypertension, chest disease, and heart failure etc.

Obesity is difficult to treat, so it is best to avoid it.

There is some evidence that bottle-fed babies are more likely to become overweight than breast-fed infants. Obesity may develop in the months after weaning when clearing the plate or emptying the cup becomes a virtue. Early weaning encourages this development. One big meal a day appears to be more fattening than many small ones amounting to similar caloric value.

Thus the best prophylaxis for infants at risk of obesity is for them to be breast fed and weaned late; overfeeding should be avoided.If an over weighted child really wants to be thinner and his parents are prepared to put themselves out to help him, then there is some hope that a diet and exercise regimen will work.

However, occasionally over-eating is an outward sign of inner confusion and unhappiness. This needs to be recognized and discussed.


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