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Top 10 Fastest Growing Niches & Industries in US (2020,2021,2022,2023,2024,2025)

An Overview Market Projections: The 10 Fastest Growing Industries in the US S. No. Industry 2018-19 Revenue Growth 1 Wind Turbine Installation 53.5% 2 Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturing 48.2% 3 Solar Power 38.8% 4 Social Networking Sites 38.2% 5 Telehealth Services 37.0% 6 Peer-to-Peer Landing Platforms 34.8% 7 Medical & Recreational Marijuana Stores 30.9% 8  Full Article…

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What is Welfare?

Welfare that are provided by government, the citizen can enjoy the welfare from different ways. Such as when you are a worker in one company or factory, the company or factory will provide some welfare for their worker.There are many types of welfare, including social welfare provisions, social security and finanial aid.Any programms that provide  Full Article…

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Travel in Xian

Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province is an acient capital of China. It helds a very important place in China history. With its special rank in China culture and history, it has many very unique and Chinese things that the other cities in China do not have. The special natural tourists sight inside Shaanxi province. Shaanxi  Full Article…

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What Is CDMA?

CDMA is short for Code Division Multiple Access. A protocol for wireless data and voice communication, CMDA is widely used in cellphone networks, but also in many other data communications systems. It helps us to realize the possible of communicating in digital technology with wireless. The first developed wireless is radio, at that time radio systems  Full Article…

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What Are the Different Face Shapes?

There are five kinds of face shapes : round, oval, square, oblong,triangular. Different face shape has different character and is suitable different hair style, glasses even cloth neckline. Now let’s look at the difference between them. Round.  This face shaped face is suitable for wearing rectangular eye glass frames. The frameless eye glass is perfect for  Full Article…

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Recent updates to Cloud Sites

I find it interesting that on April 5th RS announced a slurry of updates to Cloudsites and yet no one on these forums mentioned it. The news seemed to have flew under the radar and made no headlines. In fact I didn’t even see the blog post until today after receiving a notice that one  Full Article…

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Cloud economics outweigh fear of losing control

Companies today are clearly primed for wider adoption of cloud services. Whether it be private or public, all indicators show that companies face a choice of either leverage cloud to their advantage or be left behind by more agile and flexible competitors. According to Gartner’s annual predictions, by 2015, 35% of enterprise IT expenditure for  Full Article…


Why is the grass green?

Because grass & the leaves of other plants contain a chemical called chlorophyll which is used in photosynthesis. The chlorophyll stores the sun’s energy/light chemically and uses this to produce sugars and oxygen. Chlorophyll has a pigment which reflects the the green wavelength of light.

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Security fears no barrier to cloud

It’s no surprise that security continues to top the list of concerns when considering cloud adoption, but what’s also interesting is that in a recent KPMG “Clarity in the Cloud” study is that finding a business case for cloud computing is way down the list of concerns. And with any technology, where there is a  Full Article…

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What is Email?

Email can receive and accept letter in internet through protocol.Email acts important role in our life. In past if we want to communicate with someone who is far away from us, and we will write letter for them, but today we have internet so we can write Email to our friends.

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What Is Color Block?

When we dye our hair and we will use the color block, it can prevent the color of cream or gel from staining our skin in our head. So color block is the barrier cream and it can be seen  in most hair salon.

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What is a Dictionary?

Dictionary can help us to know what the meaning of those we don’t know words, it is very useful study tool and a reference book. A dictionary contains the most majority used words that we often use in our daily life. When somebody to learn language as a second language, when we meet some words  Full Article…

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What is Nail Polish Thinner?

Nail polish can make our nail more beautiful than we didn’t use it. But after a long time the nail polish will become thick, and we can’t put it into our nail, and at this time the nail polish thinner can help us to make our nail polish thicken. When we use the nail polish  Full Article…

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What Color of Nail Polish is Suitable for you?

There are many kinds colors nail polish you can choose, some of them are darker and some of them are lighter, so you can choose anyone you like best, but considering the effect of beauty, you’d better choose that is suitable for your skin and your nail. Dark nail polish can make your nail longer  Full Article…

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How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss may be considered as a normal phenomenon that most people ignore. However, you should get alarmed if you are losing more than 50 strands of hairs a day. It’s a sign warning you that there is something wrong in your body which causes your hair to shed. Well, luckily you can take many  Full Article…

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What is 3G?

3G is the short for the third generation of standards of accessibility and speed that mainly used in telephone,  it can help us to communicate with each other. There are three standards in market: including CDMA 2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA,WiMAX. The difference between 3G and 2G is the transmission of voice and the data speed of  Full Article…

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How do I Become a Police Officer?

I like man with police clothes and i admire police when i was a child,  i like woman police especially. But when we grow up and we know it is not an easy dream to realize, so many people like me will give up this wonderful dream. If you really want to be a police officer  Full Article…

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Why are fashion models so thin?

When we see the beautiful models and the beautiful clothes, have you ever think the one problem all the models are thin. Why the designer never thought the fat models? Because one designer once state when one beautiful clothes hang on one thin model is more beautiful than on one fat model. In 1960, average  Full Article…

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What are Butter Beans?

Butter beans belongs to vegetable, we also called  lima beans. The color of butter beans are green, if you find it is red and orange, it means they are picked before ripening. The length of butter beans are variant, the small butter beans are 0.4 inches(1cm )long, the larger butter beans are about 1.18 inches ( 3 cm  Full Article…

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