Recent updates to Cloud Sites

I find it interesting that on April 5th RS announced a slurry of updates to Cloudsites and yet no one on these forums mentioned it.

The news seemed to have flew under the radar and made no headlines. In fact I didn’t even see the blog post until today after receiving a notice that one of the wishlist items were completed (no suitable nodes)

First I’d like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to RS for finally working on these items after so many years:

  • Improving no suitable nodes (I’m taking their word on this one)
  • Speeding up the Control Panel (definitely improved – it is bearable now but I still get a lot “Oops!” messages)
  • Adding DNS functionality. API is awesome, but not as useful to me. However, ability to add SRV/TXT records has been recently added to the CP (whoohoo!)
  • Added PHP 5.3 (FINALLY!)… and with that they updated PDFLIB and Imagemagick, ioncube, and more I think
  • I think they updated MySql versions too
  • Updated PhpMyAdmin (which I never use but many people do)

    I think we’ll all agree that these are long overdue. Some might argue that these updates are so overdue that this only brings RSC on par (if even that) with its competition. Perhaps no one made much hoopla because many of you left RS already?

    Whatever the case, I am still here and I am glad to see progress. I also am getting much better with the AWS consoleĀ 


    PS I am still holding my breath for these:

  • Improve MySQL service so other malicious account holders don’t bring down the Mysql daemon and my site.
  • Option to PAY MONEY to backup Cloud Sites
  • Option to PAY MONEY to increase email storage

See more of my points at Rackspace Cloud.


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