Security fears no barrier to cloud

It’s no surprise that security continues to top the list of concerns when considering cloud adoption, but what’s also interesting is that in a recent KPMG “Clarity in the Cloud” study is that finding a business case for cloud computing is way down the list of concerns.

And with any technology, where there is a business case, there will be a drive for adoption regardless of the security concerns. While security quite rightly should be an issue to be carefully examined and evaluated, this should no longer be a barrier to wider cloud computing adoption. Particularly with the maturity of private and hybrid cloud offerings that are available today. The reality is that where data security is concerned, the measures that have safely protected people’s data for years in data centers and across high speed data networks are all applicable to the cloud. Where there will be concern is where sensitive data is being pushed over the public internet but prudent companies won’t be sending packets of sensitive data unprotected in any case.

There is an element of perceived greater risk with cloud computing and in some cases yes that is a fair concern. But much of the uncertainty stems from a lack of awareness of regulatory issues and concerns around data movement and the question of where data actually resides and who has access to that data.

These are all questions that companies must find answers to in any well-audited and evaluated engagement with any services provider, whether it is for outsourcing, hosted or cloud computing offering. It’s time to accept that business will drive cloud adoption forward, the question is how businesses should adopt the cloud, not if they should adopt it. Plan now or watch your competitors forge ahead.


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