Travel in Xian

Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province is an acient capital of China. It helds a very important place in China history. With its special rank in China culture and history, it has many very unique and Chinese things that the other cities in China do not have.

The special natural tourists sight inside Shaanxi province.
Shaanxi has many natural sceneries that worth seeing.



Huashan is very famous for its grand and splendourous sunrise.

Taibai mountains


Historical sites in Xi’an

Being the capital of thirteen China ancient dynasties, Xi’an has many famous historical destinations.



City wall


Special folk crafts in Xi’an

The special culture of Xi’an gives it special art forms

Shadow play


Paper cut


Foods in Xi’an

Xi’an has been ranked as the top ten cities in the world for their local flavor snacks.
Xi’an has a lot of foods with the place’s special flavors.


Xi’an hotels

Interested in a journey to Xi’an? Find your stay at Xi’an Hotels.


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