Travel to Australia in Holidays

Despite the continually changing trends of where people choose to vacation, Australia consistently remains one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists looking for the ultimate adventure.

Australia is a vast country with different terrains and a way of life that offers something for everybody. With a large network of international airports, Australia is easy to travel to from any starting point; due to the length of time flights can take to travel from Europe, many travellers opt to complete the journey in two parts, with a quick stopover at a hotel in Singapore, for example, to help break up the travelling.

Australia is a travelers dream and many visitors choose to journey all over the country to enjoy the many beautiful sights. Whether you are looking to backpack your way around the country, or travel by plane or car, there are amazing sights to be seen all over. Australia remains a destination of choice for those who love the sea, sun and surf lifestyle with many major competitions being held annually.

Where to Stay

With such a booming tourist industry to cater for, Australia is packed full of hotels for all kinds of budgets and travelers. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel experience, or cheap hostel accommodation, there are numerous options available to you and many details can be found by talking to your local travel advisor or researching on the internet.

If you are looking for a chic suburban environment then the famous city of Sydney, with its iconic opera house, could be the perfect destination for you. Many people mistakenly refer to Sydney as the capital city of Australia; this title actually belongs to Canberra, which was named the capital city in 1908 to end squabbles between Sydney and Melbourne.

Regardless of where you choose as your base for your trip away you will find the same warm hospitality that Australia is famous for.

What to Do

A large majority of travellers who pick Australia as their vacation destination do so because they wish to learn more about the culture and history of this fascinating country; in particular, the culture of the aboriginal people who are indigenous to the country. There are sites of great historical significance all over Australia and many museums that have carefully documented relics and art work produced by aborigines long ago that detail their fascinating way of life.

With mile upon endless mile of coastline offering glittering, azure coastline and white sandy beaches, Australia remains one of the top destinations for travellers looking for total relaxation. Many of the beaches are award winning due to the cleanliness of the water and the lack of pollution. It is also reassuring to see the many lifeguards that are a fixture all along the shoreline carefully watching for any bather that may be in trouble. Many hotels are situated close to the shore line so that guests step on to the sandy shores in a matter of minutes.

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