What are Butter Beans?

Butter beans belongs to vegetable, we also called  lima beans. The color of butter beans are green, if you find it is red and orange, it means they are picked before ripening. The length of butter beans are variant, the small butter beans are 0.4 inches(1cm )long, the larger butter beans are about 1.18 inches ( 3 cm )in length.

It is said the first lima beans cultivated in the Andes, there are still other beans which are smaller than the first butter beans which are cultivated in Mexico and it also called P. lunatus contains small seed, the other name of second butter beans also called the sieve type.

Butter beans and lima beans contains nutrition, but there are still some difference between them. The butter beans contains less fat, more iron. The butter beans have different type such as dried,frozen or canned. We often take them as vegetable side dish.If you want to steam it, it will spend 20 minutes.after steaming it and you can cool it for a period, and then you can eat one dish delicious vegetable with a little salt and pepper.

If you want to eat fresh butter beans, you can eat them at any time, but in US it produced in late spring, except that, butter beans are imported from other countries, but the price is different from own countries produced and other countries produced. After the fresh butter beans are not in season and frozen beans can instead of it.

If you like eating butter beans and you can froze them in season. Butter beans can make many types dishes, it is very delicious!For example you can cook it on noodles, or you can fry it, or you can steam it into cool dish. You also can put it into soup. There are many ways to make it. It is up to you what you want to make, you can do it!


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