What are Clinical Features and Aetiology of Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is the disorder due to insulin deficiency. This is the result of irreversible islet beta cell hurt in the majority of juvenile diabetics. Although diabetes is uncommon, the incidence increases so that up to sixteen years of age, two per one thousand are influenced.

Children account for only four to six per cent of the total diabetic population. Whereas, the life-long indications of the disease emphasize their significance.

Clinical Features

Once hyperglycaemia, ketonuria and glycosuia are found, the diagnosis is little in doubt. Moreover, the features are characteristic. Young diabetics often need fit therapy and diagnosis. However, the hyperventilation mistakenly interpreted as being result from pneumonia. On the other hand, the correct diagnosis might be confused by a coincidental febrile illness.

An individual blood glucose estimation can be disproved by diabetes. It is unnecessary for glucose tolerance tests. Early diagnosis has two functions. On one hand, it permits an organised introduction to the essential of diabetic management. On the other hand, it saves lives.


The failure of islet beta cells shows to influence both environmental and genetic reasons.

DR4 and HLA-DR3 are associated with increased incidence. And they are appear in ninety-five per cent of kind 2.

The HLA system has the relationship with determinants of immune function. It is carried on chromosome 6. There is growing proof of auto-immune beta cell hurt. Moreover, before clinical diabetes gets manifest, paralleled by circulating islet cell antibodies for months or for many years. Nevertheless, it is still a mystery that how environmental reflect transmits inherited susceptibility into overt disease.

Viral involvement is supported by seasonal peaks of presentation, case clustering. And the occasional isolation of coxsackie B virus from newly identified but deadly diabetes. We are no nearer defining a specific group of viral pathogens against which immunisation possibly be grown. As an environmental launch, other still speculative proof favours early dietary exposure.



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