What are Factors of Excessive Height?

The large number of tall children come from tall families and obtain their stature as normal. Referring to an unusually tall child, he or she possibly has a potential disorder. However, there are often readily excluded.

Girls apparently destined to have an adult height more than five feet ten inches, Which equals to 178 cm, they are brought for suggestion and probable medical intervention on occasion. It is hard to indicate the final height. The reason is that final height is reflected by the time of menarche and the rate of skeletal maturation as well as by the linear growth rate in children.

Further more, tables are useful for indicating adult height. Nevertheless, they are liable to errors of nearly 5 cm either way. In oder to promote accelerated skeletal maturation, exogenous oestrogen therapy has been used. And premature cessation of linear growth in girls, however, the benefits are usually marginal.

In addition, there is concern about the risks of interfering with the humoral mechanism of puberty, and improving the incidence of reproductive tract neoplasia.For this problem, the orthopaedic approach, epiphyseal stapling, its place in a quite slight group of children has rightly been abandoned. The reason is that the high risk of inducing osteosarcomata.

What is more, some pathological causes of excessive height can be listed as follows:

Endocrine disorders


Precocious puberty (early stages)

Pituitary – eosinophilic adenoma

Other disorders

Marfan syndrome


Cerebral gigantism (Soto syndrome)


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