What are Managements for Mentally Handicapped Children?

The resources of a multidisciplinary approach are needed by mentally handicapped children and their families. What is more, the child’s motor, hearing, visual, language and social abilities should be considered as well. Together with speech therapists, play counselors, and physiotherapists, a therapeutic programme must start as early as possible, along with parents playing an active role. Social workers and health visitors offer ideas on financial and equipment help. What is more, they assist the parents in coming to terms with their matters. Those two problems might need specific drug therapy:

3behavioral problems

3seizure disorders

For all handicapped children, the Education Act of 1970 legislated for special schools to be helpful. What is more, schools are divided into two aspects. On one hand, those schools are for dealing with moderate learning disordered children. On the other hand, those schools are for solving dangerous disordered children. However, the system has to be flexible in order to accommodate coexisting physical matters.

Children always obtain some independence and benefit from the high staff, in the IQ between 50 and 70. Eighty per cent has the ability to start work. In addition, the remainders are provided with employment in sheltered workshops. Children always require to be dressed and fed, whose IQ below 50. Moreover, those children are uncommon independent. They might do not have the ability to speak and need constant attention.

Education at SLD schools is basically in order to train the children to de easy social tasks.

The parents find it increasingly hard to take care of them, when these children get older. Only a minority of them are in residential care, up to the age of 20 years old. Whereas, the proportion increases quickly after this age. Although there is a tendency towards smaller units, which try to retain the family structure and links with the around community, residential facilities vary considerably. For mentally handicapped adults and their carers, community based mental handicap terms acts as a significant role in the provision of services.




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