What are the advantages of breast feeding?

Breast feeding is beneficial to both mother and the baby.

Human milk is an excellent nutrient mixture which also gives the baby some protection against infection. Its protein content is less likely to induce allergic reactions and the infant may be less at risk from unexplained sudden death.

The process of breast feeding usually gives satisfaction and pleasure to mother and child and this in itself will be of lasting benefit to both.

Technically, breast feeding is easier than bottle feeding in as much as the mother is not required to make up the mixture according to instruction, and sterilizing bottle is not a problem.

Besides all these, breast feeding is economic. And the mother can take her baby to anywhere and need not take with her milk powder and bottle and hot water, etc.

Some mothers are anxious that breast feeding may change the shape of the breasts. Under non-lactating conditions the shape of the breast is largely determined by fat cells rather than the mammary gland. However, pregnancies and age are certainly two major factors leading to change. And cancer of the breast is less common in women who have borne children and breast fed them.



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