What Are the Benefits of Protein for Hair Growth?

We all know the hair is made from Keratin which contains much protein, so that’s why protein is so important for our hair. Everday there are  a lot of hairs are growing, at the same time there are a lot of hair will lose, if we want to prevent the loss of our hair, we must feed our hair with high protein diet in our daily diet. If our hair lacks a little protein it doesn’t matter, just we supple enough nutrition is ok, but if this situation gets situation, hair will lose a lot. Of course, this situation can’t often happen, if your diet are colorful.

Excepte increasing products in your diet, you also can add some protein through protein-based hair care products which also can bring some protein for your hair. In conditioners and spritz-on treatments or hair lotions contains keratin and animal protein.

Under normal circumstance, about the amount of protein that we need is varies according to weight or height and other factors according to different people. If your are stong and health, you will need protein between 1.4 and 2.5 ounces every day. If there are some problem in your immune systems you will need more protein. 

We often can see hair breakage that all because hair lack of protein, but after you find the hair appear this situation and it is too late to add protein for your  hair, so we must prevent this situation happen. Because after hair breakage whatever you do will fail. Of couse we can avoid this situation if we provide enough protein for our becautiful hair. The healthy and shiny hair that need we care. Then we can own becautiful hair absolutely.


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