What are the Difference Types of Artificial Fingernails?

Most women want to let their fingers look more beautiful, so they will use the artificial fingernails to make up their natural nail more beautiful.

There are four types artificial fingernails.

  1. The first fingernail called Acrylic nails. Most women used it in their nail tip or a whole nail overlay, it depends on you. You can take a little this liquid on your nail, it will dry and get harden after a few minutes.This type looks not very nature.
  2. Wrap nails is not like last type. The  advantage of wrap nails is natural artificial    fingernail. Wrap nails are not durable because  it is the softest artificial fingernail.
  3. Sculptured nails is the other type of artificial fingernail. This type is the most beautiful effect after you put it on your natural nail, it will make your nail longer than original nail.
  4. Gel nails can make your natural finger more beautiful. In some way it can instead of natural nail. It looks natural.

Overall, all of artificial fingernail can make your finger beautiful, but first you must notice if you are suitable to use it, because some people will be allergic reactions and most important it will damage your natural nail if you didn’t notice it, so it is important for you to choose the artificial fingernail.


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