What Are the Different Face Shapes?

There are five kinds of face shapes : round, oval, square, oblong,triangular. Different face shape has different character and is suitable different hair style, glasses even cloth neckline. Now let’s look at the difference between them.

  1. Round.  This face shaped face is suitable for wearing rectangular eye glass frames. The frameless eye glass is perfect for this face shape. This face shape people can’t have long straight hair style or curly hair style. Layers hair style is suitalbe for round face shape, it will not be round less round. Man who has round face shape who had beard or mustache make the face look more flatter and beautiful and balance out the round effect, and they should avoid side burns. About the neckline one who is round shape is suitable for wearing V-neckline.
  2.  Oval. About oval face shape we have multiple choices too do when we choose frame for this face shape. But never choose sharper-edged      square frames. The hair style we can choose is flat and it will perfect, but if we can’t make a lot of height on head top, we should avoid to do this hairstyle.It is not suitable for oval face shape.The neckline is easy to choose for oval face shape. Oval face shape is the most versatile face shapeamong five face shape.
  3. Square.Strong bangs and chin-length hair styles is the best choice for this face shape. As for the frame of eyeglass frame, we can’t choose the lenses are too small in size. The scoop neckline is ok and it can soften square face shape.
  4. Oblong. Sometimes we will confuse oblong face shape and oval face shape or more rectangular face shape. So the hairstyle is in side-swept waves and chin-length hair cuts can shorten long face shpae. Thelong hair is not a good choice for this face shape, it will make the face longer. The eyeglass is not unconventionally-shaped lenses may look  best. The neck line is turtle and high looks better for it.
  5. Triangular.  The another name of triangular is heart-shaped, the character of triangular face shape with  pointy chin and board forehead. We can choose to make hairstyle that can soften angular features is ok, such as exfremely long or short hair look perfect for someone with triangular face shape. High neck line is the best choice for this face shape.


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