What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

In daily society,we often can hear some one say he gets a Bachelor’s degree, but what is the meaning of a Bachelor’s Degree? Bachelor’s degree means an undergraduate academic degree. But in other countries bachelor’s degree has a different name, such as in Japan it’s called gakushi. And the meaning is also different from other countries in Japan, when one studied a six-year course of study, you can get Bachelor’s Degree.

If you take the art major and you will get the Bachelor of Arts (BA), if you take the science major and you will get the Bachelor of Science (BS). After you get this degree the next degree is Master’s Degree. The more knowledge you get or create, the higher degree you will get.

Germany is the first country that awarded this degree, however this degree was abolished with some reason. Until in 1998 the term bachelor’s degree was used again. Bachelor’s Degree includes a lot of kinds such as the Bachelor of Applied Science degree, the Bachelor of Economics degree, the Bachelor of Business degree, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and the Bachelor of Medicine degree. Many students will get Bachelor’s Degree after they test some course of study.


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