What is a Carrot?

Carrot belongs to a kinds of vegetable, which contains high nutritions, it is good for our health if we usually eat it. The root and the greens of carrot also can eat. The color of carrot is colorful, including orange, yellow and white. Although it is good for our health, we can’t eat too much, or we will pigment our skin.

It is said carrot originally produced in Asia, it also had another name called Daucus carota. The production of carrot is rich if we let them grow in rich soil and in full sun. The first step to grow the carrot is to till the soil to loose the soil and then put the seed into it, watering the seed in soil. After a few days the young carrot come out and you should continue to water them, at least once a week. After 10 to 16 weeks  the harvest time is coming, carrot is  mature and it will appear orange color. There is one thing that you should be careful, that is you must put the carrot seeds on a shallow place in soil, and keep moist.

Easy to grow even for a novice, carrot is the most popular vegetable. It contains rich vitamin A, especially for children they should eat more carrot. It taste sweet so that’s why little children like to eat it. When you get carrot, never try to remove the top greens that can help carrot keep freshness.


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