What is Animal Husbandry?

About this question there are two ways to define  this concept. The first concept of what is animal husbandry mainly means a subject, when some students after graduating from college, they will continue to study animal subject, this is called animal husbandry. The second definition of animal husbandry is a science of growing the animal, whatever you are a farmer, rancher,sheepherder and anyone who raise the animal. When you raise your animal and you will meet many question or you really want to find one good method to raise your animal, so this is also called animal husbandry.

IF you want to study animal husbandry, you can’t study it in city, you must to go to rural or less developed countries. However in many developed countries, you also can find animals that mainly be used for helping little children to attach them, let them know how to raise animal, show them or sell them or kill them, they just can learn it from they experienced and saw them by themselves

If  you raise animal and you must find one place that is large and wide to raise them, let them feel free, don’t constrict them in one small place, that is bad for their health.In the past we never notice this point, along with the developed of human mind and scientific, we had noticed it. And we’d love to crate one comfortable place for them. Of course, from a scientific standpoint we should do that.


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