What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather belongs to leather and it has the same application as the genuine leather. But it is different from artificial leather or synthetic leather. When we produce the products that are leather and it will has some leftover in the process of making goods, so bonded leather is left.

About 17 percent will produce. If we throw it and it is a waste . So we can press it together and adhered to other leather through bonding agent. The manufacturer can use it to produce the other products, because it is not very expensive and we can sell it at a low cost. It is better than we throw it. The main application of bonded leather is that we can use it to cover book , for example to cover Bible. And we also can use in shoes, belts, and even sports balls.

The bonded leather is a good material that it can withstand heat and moisture. In this way it has the same functional as the  whole pieces of animal. In my opinion it has the same function as the real leather, maybe others may not. And we can’t think it is leather scraps and leather fibers and we think it is no use, no, it is so useful in our daily life. So sometimes you can consider to use it.


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