What Is CDMA?

CDMA is short for Code Division Multiple Access. A protocol for wireless data and voice communication, CMDA is widely used in cellphone networks, but also in many other data communications systems. It helps us to realize the possible of communicating in digital technology with wireless. The first developed wireless is radio, at that time radio systems is the first telecommunication. we can talk with some one who is far away from us. The listener must choose the same frequency to listen some one who is far away from them.

We call it FDMA which are short for Frequency Division Multiple Access. Which are one from wireless communication.There are another radion communication was TDMA which was short for Time Division Multiple Access. If users want to communicate with others and he must turn the right frequency to get that aim.

It is said that in WWII this technology helped the military very much. It is high value in communicating.However, in our daily life we can use it to communicate with others conveniently, and the expense is not very high too. We can’t leave it right now. The bandwidth of CDMSA is 1.25 MHz. We use the tellphone taking this technology to achieve the communication.


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