What Is Facial Scrub?

Focial scrub is mainly remove the dead skin. The skin on our face is delicate, so we must take care them and keep them glowing, facial scrub help us to clean our skin on our face, it belongs to the exfoliation products. The type of facial scrub are colorful, many of things can make into facial scrub. We can use fruitpulp, shamboo fibers ,  ground nut shells,  sugar,oatmeals and other products that is suitable for our skin is ok. Skincare is the work that we must used on our face, the skin on our face is more growing old and more delicate than other skin on other parts on our body, but the quality is different, there are many skincare products in market and we must be careful when we choose facial scrub, because some products are too harsh for our skin.

 Facial scrub excepts removing the dead skin, it also can clean the makeup that we didn’t wash away completely. When we use facial scrub, the method of using facial scrub is different according to different people, some of them like placing a little on her finger and then massage it in face, some of them like placing facial scrub first on the cosmetic pad cross the face.   When we massage the skin, we must be gentle and we can’t put hard to our face. The skin that used the facial scrub will be moisturized.

We can buy facial scrubs in drug store and beauty care shop. Before we buy it we must taste it on the inside of our waist to feel if this facial scrub is irritate waist, if it is not irritate here skin and it will not irritate the skin on our face, if it irritate the skin on waist,  we can’t buy it.We just need use facial scrub in samll quantities. Insisting use it, our face will be more beautiful!


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