What is Nail Polish Thinner?

Nail polish can make our nail more beautiful than we didn’t use it. But after a long time the nail polish will become thick, and we can’t put it into our nail, and at this time the nail polish thinner can help us to make our nail polish thicken. When we use the nail polish thinner, first we can put it into one bottle and then we can drop it into nail polish, after doing it and we can mix them to together, we can’t use it immediately, after several minutes and we can use it.

What ingredients contain in nail polish?

The ingredients decides the properties of nail polish, it contains  hexane acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone,  isopropyl alcohol, heptane.or butyl acetate, and other chemical elements. When we store it and we must notice something and you can’t expose it on the air, and you must close it in one bottle or other contains. Or it will evaporate quickly. The second point that you must notice that you can’t put it close to the heat and spark or flame. you also can’t put it close to some one who is smoking.

About the brand you can choose anyone, as long as it is not too water,  and you can choose the brand you like all the time.


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