What is Shampoo?

Shampoo mainly used to wash the dirt and dandruff of our hair, it keeps our hair clean and shiny. There are many types shampoo in market, and you must be careful when you choose the shampoo for your hair. Shampoo has the different effect as soap, soap mainly wash our hand or body, but shampoo wash our hair. Different hair style should choose different kings of shampoo, for example, your hair is normal, you needn’t use the shampoo is suitable for oily hair. If your hair is oily,it is no useful if you use the shampoo mainly is suitable for normal hair.

Shampoo always can help you a lot,  you will feel uncomfortable if your hair is dirty and messy, this time you can use shampoo to help you make you in a good mood.There are many brands on market, such as Rejoice, Lux , Bawang, Dove and so on. Some of price is normal and some of them are expensive,you can’t judge which one is good and which one is bad, only one that is suitable for you is good.

Maybe the name of shampoo brand is different, but if you look the ingredients in it, you will find they contains the same ingredients.“All shampoo is essentially a cleanser,” says Paula Begoun.

There are four or five ingredients as following:

  1. Water.  water is the most important component, it can help shampoo to pour into our hair.
  2. Foaming agent. It contains one Ingredient called cocamide or cocamidopropyl betaine.   “Lather doesn’t have anything to do with how well a shampoo works,” says Ni’Kita Wilson.
  3. Surfactant. It is the mainly element. If lacking it your hair can’t wash clean by shampoo. It is detergent.
  4. An acidic ingredient. It keeps your shampoo’s PH is right. Making your hair more smooth, flat, shiny.



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