What is Taurine?

Taurine helps us to absorb the vitamins and breakdown the fats in our body. Taurine is a acid that is the natural production that our body produces naturally. We can see Taurine in high levels in the skeletal and heart muscles of human beings or in white blood cells and the central nervous system, and we also can found It in plants seaweed, fungi and bacteria and so on.

In 1827, Austrian scientists Friedrich Tiedermann and Leopold Gmelin found and identified Taurine in an ox. The Latin word for Taurine is Taurus. Taurine is an useful health supplement, we often use it in all kinds of products. Many atheletes after doing exercise they will drink some drinks that contains Taurine to reduce the muscle fatigue and soreness. Taruine has another important roles-that can counteract the effects of heavy drinking on the liver to prevents fat from building up in the organ.


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