What is Welfare?

Welfare that are provided by government, the citizen can enjoy the welfare from different ways. Such as when you are a worker in one company or factory, the company or factory will provide some welfare for their worker.There are many types of welfare, including social welfare provisions, social security and finanial aid.Any programms that provide for his citizen are nessary, if the government didn’t provide this program, many people who lose jobs will can’t live. The government steps in to social welfare is one necessary good thing.

While some people are laid off they can get the basic living food and other basic daily things, they can look for a new job during this time. But only people who laid off are eligible for taking the social welfare. The welfare are giving them in different ways, sometimes they get food directly, sometimes they get the scalp from the government, sometimes they get the welfare jin financial assistance.

The other welfare can help you to buy house, or visit doctor or when you are 60 years old you can some money every month from an account, this all kinds of welfare can assistance you when you are in a hardtime. Of couse some of money are from you, some of them are from government or company and factory.


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