What are Some of the Minor Anomalies for a Newborn?

After delivery, “is my baby all right ?” is usually the first questions that mothers concern.

Here, a part of minor anomalies for a newborn can be listed as following:

Cysts in the mouth

Teeth possible be appear at birth: some have to be removed, and some are loose.

It occurs on the palate near Epstein’s pearls, on the floor of the mouth, and bigger ones on the epulis.

Heat rash

The lesions clear in a cold surroundings.

Both superficial and macular, clear vesicles possible be seen, more than fifty percent evident around the neck and on the forehead.

White pimples

They are clear and blocked glands by nature.

It is very usual to see on the cheeks and nose.

Blue-black pigmented area

After about the first year or so passing by, they often can not be seen any more.

They are always in infants of dark skinned parents.

They are not important on the buttocks and at the base of the back.

Sacral dimples

To exclude underlying sinuses it should be explored gently.

Breast enlargement

It is possible for boys and girls to develop breast enlargement, even secrete a little witch’s milk.

Macular haemangioma

While at the nape may be persist, which around the eyes often can not be seen in the first year.

Accessory skin tags

Although it should preferably be done by the surgical team, vestigal, loosely attached, on the face, accessory aurticles can often be dealt with easily.

Urticaria of the newborn

With  a raised white dot at the center of the red flare, it is a widespread and erythematous rash.

It does not need treat, and disappears by nature.


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