Which are the Best Dog Breeds For a Guard Dog?

Dogs have many types and have different using according to the type of them. The most usual type of dog we can see that the using of dog is to make our home safe and protect our home. So we called this kinds of dog are guard dog. The dog really have many types such as some people keep them as their pet, in most of times the pet dog haven’t ability to protect our family and they all day eat what the owner give them and they are lazy and do nothing. We regard them as our family number, after a long time we will have affection for them.

The other type dog is guard dog, we keep it mainly to protect our home or provide some warning for their owners. They will attack the intruders if they get close to the place of their owner’s home. Just guard dog there are many types : Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd,Bull Mastiff and other kinds. Guard dogs mainly task to protect their owner against intruders and aggression. They are loyal to their owner or “pack” owner.

The different type guard dog has different height and different hobby:

  • Rottweilers is the close friend of their owner. They are clever and they can know the situation immediately, if their owner or some one often get close to them meet dangerous situation and they will attack the intruders immediately. The height of them are 24 to 27 inches. The weight of them are 93 to 110 pounds. They are even heavier than most women.
  • Doberman is obedience comparing to Rottweiler. Most Doberman are used for policeman to chase the¬†criminal. But before they can chase the criminal they must be trained by a long time. They are also very clever and they’d love to do anything what the owner ask them to do.
  • German Shepherds is the most close friend for human. Some people even think them as one of guard dog. So they ofter regard as family companion. They are gentle to anyone, even children didn’t scare them when they get close to little children. Maybe you think them own¬†obedient temperature and they don’t attack others, no, it still attack intruders if their owner in a bad situation.
  • Bull Mastiffs are weight between 110 to 130 pounds, the height of them are 25 to 27 inches.

After reading this about guard dog, do you understand some nature of guard dog, maybe they are good friend to their owner, but sometimes they can’t judge the situation completely, they maybe attack some one they should attack, it means they are overprotective, and dangerous. So we must train them very well.


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