Why are fashion models so thin?

When we see the beautiful models and the beautiful clothes, have you ever think the one problem all the models are thin. Why the designer never thought the fat models? Because one designer once state when one beautiful clothes hang on one thin model is more beautiful than on one fat model. In 1960, average fashion models were about 5’7” (1.7m) in height and weighed approximately 129 pounds (58.51 kg). However today the average fashion models were taller than 5’7” (1.7m), and thinner than 129 pounds (58.51 kg).

From this two figure and we can see the difference between past standard and today standard. So if one girl wants to be a model and it means she can’t too fat, in order to get her aim so many girl had to method they want to lose weight and they can’t eat too much, so it is not a good for their health. Even some girls are ill with anorexia. Today many people and parents think the trend should be consider the health of the fashion models, next consider the beautiful clothes. The healthy model are more important than the thin model.


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