Why are Children Admitted to Medical Ward?

A  lot of family doctors work in team practices in health centers.

In some centers a doctor in the group, with the  health visitors, takes regular child health clinics so that provides a preventive health service and exam every child back and fourth. In others a special clinical medical officer attends the clinic. Therefore in their daily life, they can witness lots of patients.

It is common to find that acute bowel upsets, fevers, acute respiratory infections, convulsions and accidental poisoning happen at road accidents and home.

This matters usually contains things as follow:

  • suspected convulsions
  • suspected developmental delay
  • asthma
  • nocturnal enuresis
  • failure to thrive
  • recurrent respiratory infections
  • small size

A  team which contains professional therapists, teachers, doctors, audiometricians, psychologists as well as physiotherapists from different disciplines, children with mental and physical handicaps are arrested in a very uncommon developmental assessment.

When a child or children who get ill all of a sudden, their parents often bring them directly to  the hospital accident department and emergency. This group refers to the Paediatric consultancy service often have a few dangerous conditions.

The ill, especially for children admitted to hospital are taken by their parents directly to hospital more than fifty percent.

In addition, there are always special clinics for chilren with chronic illnesses. For example:

  1. children with neurology
  2. children with diabetes
  3. children with renal disorders
  4. children with leukaemia
  5. children with  short stature
  6. children with cystic fibrosis


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