Why do Dogs Eat Grass?

When your dog eats grass, there are two situations :The first one is normal. The second situation is not normal if they eat grass. But do you know how to judge and differ this two situation.You can find the answer as following:

  1. When your dog eats grass on a regular basis, it means it is normal, so you don’t worry about it, the vet usually dismiss it. Some dogs eat grass just because they enjoy eating it.
  2. The other situation when your dog eats grass you must be careful, that is when they eats grass as a new behavior. The problem exist on his body. It eats grass just for compensating its stomach, it means it feel uncomfortable. So you need take your dog to look for helping.

In terms of eating grass, the dog usually will throw up after eating grass, so many people wonder why they eat grass if they will vomit. This is a debatable issue and we are looking for the answer, but there is one common explanation for this question that is they are not hungry but they really want to chew some things so they will chew the grass and never eat them. When they want to chew some grass, some of them eat it quickly and some of them chew it slowly. The dog are willing to eat some vegetable in green, so if you want to give your dog some vegetable you can choose green vegetable.

There are one thing is very important you must be careful when you let your dog eat grass, never let your dog eats grass in lawn, because some lawns contains fertilizer or pesticides. You can prepare some grass for them at home, it is safe than you let them eat outside.When they eat grass you can cook them for your dog, it can reduce they vomit, and they can digest the grass more easily.


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