Why do we sweat?

In our daily life, most of times we sweat when we do exercise or the weather is very hot. But do you ever think why do we sweat. We know if we sweat and we will smell unpleasant. So we don’t like sweating, but do you know it is very important for us, if we don’t sweat and we can’t suffer from the heatstroke in hot weather.

Every day we eat a lot of food and the food will burn off in our body, the food when they are to be burn off will produces heat within our body. At the same time the process of burning off food will produce heat which triggers our brain to make the body’s natural function to make use. The cell in our body side that is twist and we call it sweat glands, there are two glands in our body, the first one is the Eccrine glands, we can see Eccrine glands in our forehead, palms of the hand or the soles of the feet.

And the second one is Aprocrine glands we can see Aprocrine in our armpits or the end of the hair follicles. The sweat taste salty, that because in our sweat contains one element, that is sodium. If we do exercise when we sweat and we will produce the high production that is as same as the hot weather. If the weather is cool and we will produce the low production. Of course the high production contains sodium more than 20 percent than low production. In our body there are 2 million sweat glands in our body in all.


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