Why is smoking bad?

We can see the sign of “No Smoking” at many public place. It is true, smoking is bad for our health. However, why is smoking bad for us? ¬†Cigarettes contain one component called nicotine, which is a highly addictive stimulant, so if you start to smoke, it is hard to stop. But if you are not smoking and you must be far away somebody who are smoking, because if you get close him or her, you will be face the bad effect the same with them. The serious effect you will face the effect of being cancer and emphysema whatever you are smoking or you are just the second-hand smoke.

How Many People smoke around the world?

  1. Thirty percent of men all over the world.
  2. Nineteen percent of women all over the world.
  3. One hundred thousand children under the age of 15.

What effect of smoking will cause?

  • One of every ten deaths is caused by smoking-related disease.
  • cancer
  • emphysema
  • reduced fertility
  • cataracts

If you are pregnant,what effect you will face?

  1. miscarriages
  2. premature labor
  3. ectopic pregnancy
  4. baby who has the higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome
  5. baby who will behavior with problems later in life.

Especially as a woman who are smoking will face the higher risk than man, first they will grow old quickly. second,they will face the problem to born baby. Third, if woman smokes with taking oral contraceptives will face the risk of stroke.

If you are not woman, you will face the problem with ugly nail and bad breath and yellow teeth. Most badly, you maybe lose you teeth earlier.

After reading this article, do you want to continue to smoke?



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